Whether your information technology need is for personal use, for a small to medium-sized business or for an enterprise, I will deliver the right solution on time at a price you can afford.


Do  you need a website for any of the following:

  • complex data collection, management and reporting
  • e-commerce and e-merchandising
  • a political campaign with donation payment
  • a personal blog or personal information brochure
  • a portfolio or gallery for your  photography or art work
  • a club or civic organization with membership and dues collection
  • then, call me at (561) 632-8789.

PC Repair/Refurbishment/Repurposing

Are you up against a deadline to replace Windows XP?  Do you want to extend the life of your XP install-base.  Do you have old computers to repair or re-purpose?  Do you need a storage-area-network?  Did your PC contract a virus.  Worse yet, is your whole network infected?  Is your disaster recovery plan obsolete?  Do you need professional-quality video for use in training or advertising?  Do you need training on new hardware or software technology?

I repair “smart” technology, including: smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, towers and rack-mounted systems. I am skilled at repairing corrupted operating system installations, re-purposing and upgrading older computers, designing and installing networks and disaster recovery strategies. Call me at (561) 632-8789.

IT Systems Development

I consult, teach, manage and perform all aspects of my chosen profession.  I am a “hands on” systems, database, website developer and manager.

So, call me at (561) 632-8789.

Consulting in Information Technology